Buy Chicken Feed In Bulk: Where To Find All The Best Deals

Alex Birch

Yep, we know we may be a bit biased, but we think chickens are actually pretty great.

I mean, how many other pets do you know that can produce something fresh for you to eat for breakfast each morning? Who doesn’t love fresh eggs? 

Right now, chickens are enjoying a huge surge in their popularity. Don’t just take our word for it.

The folks over at the American Pet Products Association (APPA) have released their annual survey, and it’s great news for chickens!

The survey shows that an impressive 13% of households in the United States have added chickens to their backyard flocks. That equates to a heck of a lot of chickens!

With the price of eggs peaking at an all-time high of $4.35 in 2022, it’s no surprise that the number of people welcoming hens to their roosts is rising.

One of the (many) brilliant things about backyard chickens is that they are so low maintenance. Your chickens may not need much to keep them happily clucking around in your backyard.

But you do need to provide your low-maintenance feathered friends with the best feed and feeding accessories

Maybe you are new to the world of raising chickens, perhaps you are expanding your flock, or you are just tired of spending too much on chicken feed; you will find this blog post packed with useful information on where to buy chicken feed in bulk, and how to get the very best deals.

Bulk Chicken Feed: Where to Buy?

Bulk Chicken Feed: Where to Buy?

Whether it's potato chips or toilet paper, some things are just better bought in bulk. Coincidentally, the same logic applies to chicken feed. But the big question is, where can you find chicken feed for sale in bulk?

Chicken Feed for Sale in Bulk Online

The internet is the obvious place to start when you want to buy chicken feed for sale in bulk. There are tons of stores available online offering different types of chicken feed available in almost any quantity imaginable.

Specialist online stores selling cheap bulk chicken feed for backyard hens are a great place to start.

But you may not find the very best deals this way. Instead, why not try less specialist sellers, as you may be able to save more.

Check out websites that sell agricultural feed for a wide range of animals, and you may find their bulk grains for chicken feed are cheaper than expected.

Where to Find Bulk Chicken Feed Near You

Are you wondering where to buy chicken feed in bulk near me? No problem; country stores and agricultural suppliers in your local area are the first places to contact when finding where to buy chicken feed in bulk. 

If you are town or city-based and country stores are in short supply, you could try striking up a deal at your local independent pet store.

Speak to the manager, and they may be happy to add a bulk buy of chicken feed to their order from their animal feed supplier.

This can be a win-win situation, as they can take a cut while you benefit from cheap bulk chicken feed without needing to travel far.

How to Find the Best Deals on Cheap Bulk Chicken Feed

We all love a bargain, so you need to make sure that you don’t pay more than needed when chicken feed in bulk for sale. Here’s how you can get hands on all the best deals and keep your chickens well-fed:

Shop Around

When you are looking for chicken feed in bulk for sale, it is essential to shop around. You will find that some online stores have sales from time to time, while others reduce their bulk chicken feed prices depending on how much you buy.

With so many different ways to save money, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with which websites you should watch.

You can then check through them to work out which offers the best value deal each time you need to stock up on chicken feed. 

Subscribe to Newsletters

Getting up to speed with where to look for the best deals on bulk chicken feed is just the start.

If you are serious about saving money on cheap bulk chicken feed, you can go a step further.

Subscribing to the newsletters of online stores selling chicken feed is a great idea for two reasons.

Firstly, you may get a discount as an incentive to subscribe. Secondly, being a newsletter subscriber may come with the added bonus of exclusive offers and information on the site’s best deals. Win-win!

Keep in Touch With Fellow Chicken Keepers

Keeping in touch with your fellow backyard chicken keepers is a great way to share helpful tips and tricks to manage your brood.

But it is also a perfect opportunity to share details of the best deals on where to buy chicken feed in bulk.

Joining groups on social media for chicken owners and following relevant blogs is a great place to start. 

You could even save really big by placing an order together to increase your buying power and get the very best bulk buy deals. Chicken keepers unite and save!

Top Suppliers of Chicken Feed in Bulk

Top Suppliers of Chicken Feed in Bulk

Wondering who the big players are in the world of chicken feed? Here’s where you can find the best deals on chicken feed for sale in bulk:

Mile Four

Mile Four stocks bulk organic chicken feed, and the more you buy, the more cash you can save! 

  • Mile Four lets you mix and match up to four different feed varieties per pallet. This means you can create the perfect food mix for your chickens. 
  • Make bigger savings when you buy multiple pallets of cheap bulk feed.
  • Choose from wholegrain, pellet, or mash.

Sunrise Farms

Sunrise Farms sells non-GMO chicken feed in bulk. The biggest savings are available to those that purchase the most bags.

  • Sunrise Farms stocks chicken feed in either 50-lb bags or in one-ton totes.
  • Non-GMO chicken feed, soy-free chicken feed, and whole grains.
  • Sunrise Farms also sells minerals and supplements in 50-lb bags.

Star Milling Co.

Another popular place to buy cheap bulk chicken feed is the Star Milling Co. The Star Milling Co. promises high-quality chicken feed and poultry feed.

  • Star Milling Co. produces and sells its own brand chicken feed.
  • The company also produces chicken feed under the Kelly’s Feed and Ace Hi Feeds brands.
  • Star Milling Co. produces its chicken feed in a monensin-free facility. The company’s products are available to buy in bulk from stockists across the country.

Kreamer Feed

Kreamer Feed is a well-established manufacturer of chicken feed and was established back in 1947.

  • Kreamer Feed chicken feeds are high-quality and exceed the standards required by the FDA and PDA.
  • Many products are available in one-ton tote bags.
  • Delivery is available, or if you are local to Kraemer Feed in Pennsylvania, you can collect your order yourself.                                                  

Scratch and Peck Feeds

Scratch and Peck Feeds was the first organic chicken feed manufacturer in North America to receive USDA Certified Organic status and to be verified as Non-GMO.

  • Scratch and Peck produces ‘clean’ animal feeds containing only natural ingredients and free from fillers.
  • 50-lb bags of chicken feed are available to buy, as well as smaller 10, 25, and 40-lb bags.
  • You can save 5% on each of your orders when you subscribe to receive Scratch and Peck Feeds.                                                                          

Saving Money With Cheap Bulk Chicken Feed

Knowing where to buy cheap bulk chicken feed can save you so much cash in your quest to keep your chickens feeling happy and healthy.

But to ensure you are truly getting the best value, you may want to keep these pointers in mind:

  • Do you need to pay delivery charges to get the chicken feed transported to you?
  • Is the feed good quality and able to last for long periods?
  • Do you have storage space to keep the chicken feed free from pests and dry to prevent it from spoiling?

Cheap Bulk Chicken Feed: Final Thoughts

Now you have probably already guessed that we’re big fans of chickens here at Roosty’s, and if you’re reading this, we can safely assume that you are too.

But, as more people catch on to the benefits of owning chickens, it is good news for the rest of us. With more people raising chickens than ever before, the need for cheap bulk chicken feed will grow. 

Hopefully, rather than driving up sales of chicken feed, the newfound popularity of raising chickens will mean that cheap bulk chicken feed increases in availability and is stocked by even more retailers.

This should make it simpler than ever for those of us with chickens to find some great deals and more choice on where to buy chicken in feed in bulk.

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