Chicken Coop for 6 Chickens: Find the Perfect Home for Your Flock

Alex Birch

6 Chicken Coops

Adding a chicken coop to the backyard has become increasingly popular. Since 2020, there has been a significant increase in the number of chicken keepers, with many people starting out with a relatively small flock of 4-10 birds.

Figures from the American Pet Products Association suggest that more than 12 million people own chickens

If you’re interested in jumping on the bandwagon and seeing what the fuss about these curious feathered creatures is all about, you’ll need to think about setting up a comfortable home for your hens.

In this handy guide, we’ll focus on finding the best chicken coops for 6 chickens, sharing top tips to find the perfect home for hens, recommendations for fabulous coops for smaller flocks and guidelines to ensure your house checks all of the boxes.

What is the ideal size for a chicken coop for 6 chickens?

If you have a flock of six chickens, or you’re harboring ambitions to become a chicken keeper and you’ve decided that 6 is the magic number, one of the most important factors to consider is the size of your chicken coop.

The three key questions to answer include:

  • How many chickens do you have?
  • What breed are the chickens?
  • Are you buying or building a chicken coop with a run?

If you’re catering to a group of 6 chickens, work on the basis that every bird needs at least 3-4 square meters of space within the coop. If you have larger breeds, they will need more space (usually around 4-6 square feet per bird).

If you’re making a DIY chicken coop or buying a new hen house and you don’t plan to have a chicken run, increase the size of the coop to allow more space for your feathered friends indoors.

If you have a run, this will give your flock more room to roam.

How big a chicken coop for 6 chickens?

In an ideal world, your hens will have as much space as possible both inside and outside the coop.

However, if you’re short on space, or you’re keen to section off part of your yard and create a new, dedicated chicken neighborhood rather than letting your hens roam free, aim for at least 3-4 square feet per chicken.

This should give you a total size of 24 square feet working on the higher figure. Increase the size of the coop if you have bigger birds.

It’s worth noting that the ideal chicken coop size for 6 chickens will suit smaller flocks too.

There should be very little difference between chicken coops for 6 chickens and chicken coops for 5 chickens, for example.

If you’re thinking about expanding your feathered family in the future, go for a bigger coop to allow space to grow.

Affordable chicken coops that are perfect for 6 hens

If you take a second to peruse Google or scroll through sites like Instagram or Pinterest, you can easily get lost in photos of deluxe chicken coops with all the bells and whistles.

It may be tempting to treat your hens to a chicken coop that resembles a stately home or a luxury spa retreat, but in most cases, the fancier the hen house, the bigger the price tag.

If you don’t want to blow the budget, we’ve put together some brilliant recommendations for a cheap chicken coop for 6 chickens:

1. Producer’s Pride MDC001 Sentinel Chicken Coop

Ideal for up to 6 chickens, this cost-effective chicken coop comes with an enclosed run and plenty of indoor space for nesting and relaxing. It’s easy to install and assemble and it has a charming aesthetic.

2. Aivituvin 20-square foot chicken coop with run

Suitable for 6 small chickens or 4-5 larger birds, the Aivituvin 20-square foot chicken coop with run offers a comfortable living area with ample outdoor space for hens to explore and let off steam.

3. DIY chicken coops for 6 chickens

There’s a wide range of chicken coops for 6 chickens for sale, but often, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s a great idea to consider building your own chicken coop.

You can find plans for chicken coops for 5 chickens and chicken coops for 6 chickens online.

We like this one from Buildeazy, which houses up to eight chickens. 

Instructions are available at

Must have features: Chicken coop with run for 6 chickens

If you’re on the hunt for chicken coops for sale for 6 chickens, here are some essential features to look out for:

  • Space: always double-check chicken coop dimensions for 6 chickens before you buy to make sure that your flock has sufficient space to nest, sleep and explore freely. If you don’t have enough room in your chicken coop, this could lead to fighting and you may find that the smaller or weaker chickens struggle to feed. The risk of health issues may also rise due to poor hygiene and sanitation.
  • Nesting boxes: nesting boxes provide a comfortable spot for winding down and laying eggs. It’s important to make sure that your chickens have enough space to nest to encourage egg production and laying. Ideally, there should be at least 1 box per 3 chickens. If you want to give your hens more room to nest, you could look for a chicken coop with 6 nesting boxes.
  • Ventilation: ventilation is key for providing your flock with clean, fresh air. Make sure there are vents or doors and windows, which will allow air to circulate. If you don’t have suitable ventilation, the coop will be stuffy and smelly. In the winter, poor ventilation can also increase the risk of moisture, which can cause frostbite and health issues linked to mold and mildew.
  • Protection against predators: chickens are an alluring target for opportunistic predators. Your hen house should provide robust protection against unwanted visitors and intruders, such as foxes and raccoons.
  • Outdoor space: buying or building a chicken coop with a run is a great idea for encouraging your hens to embrace and enjoy al fresco living and exercise regularly. Happy hens are often healthy hens.

Easy assembly: Check out this chicken coop kit for 6 chickens

If ease of assembly is a priority for you, we recommend looking for a chicken coop kit for 6 chickens.

Kits are designed for speed and convenience, offering chicken keepers a golden opportunity to welcome feathered friends to their family with minimal hassle.

Ideal for beginners and those who have hectic schedules, kits can save you time, effort and energy.

If you like the sound of this option, here are a couple of chicken coop kits to consider:

1. Two Main House Design Chicken Coop

A stylish, spacious hen house boasting an enclosed run with two comfortable coops on either side by Tucker Murphy Pet.

2. Red Barn Chicken Coop with Run

A rustic, traditional chicken coop that will add instant charm to any garden or backyard. This chicken coop with a secure run can house up to 10 hens.

Finding the best deal: Chicken coops for sale for 6 chickens

If you’re shopping around for chicken coops for sale for 6 chickens, it’s natural to want to snap up a bargain and bag the best deal.

To make your money stretch further and help you find the perfect home for your hens, here are some top tips:

  1. Compare prices online
  2. Take advantage of offers, flash deals and discounts
  3. Look for adverts online
  4. Always shop on reputable websites
  5. Buy from reliable, trustworthy vendors with a proven track record

Look for the best value offers: sometimes, paying a little more for better quality materials and craftsmanship pays dividends, as structures are more durable and long-lasting

Ensuring comfort: Insulated chicken coop for 6 chickens

Buying an insulated chicken coop for 6 chickens is an excellent way to ensure that your flock will be comfortable all year round.

Insulated chicken coops keep chickens warm and cozy during the cold winter months, but they also regulate the internal temperature to create a cool, comfortable environment in the warmer, drier spring and summer months.

Adding insulation can also help to promote health and hygiene by reducing exposure to moisture and save you money by boosting energy efficiency.

There are two options to consider if you’re looking for an insulated chicken coop for 6 chickens. These include buying a hen house that has already been insulated and adding insulation yourself.

Popular materials include fiberglass, spray foam, foam boards and DIY solutions, such as cardboard, natural fabrics and straw.


Many chicken keepers like to start with a small flock. If you’re looking for chicken coops for sale for 6 chickens, it’s important to prioritize space, security and comfort.

Your chicken coop should be big enough to fit 6 hens comfortably with access to outdoor space. You can search for chicken coops for 6 chickens to buy online or build your own chicken coop based on a plan.

For 6 chickens, you’ll need to ensure that the coop measures at least 18-24 square feet. The more space your hens have, the better. Each coop should have one nesting box per 2-3 birds and plenty of space for roosting.

Adding a run is a great way to promote hen health and keep your feathered friends happy.

Key takeaways:

  • Size matters when choosing a chicken coop: allow for at least 3-4 square feet per bird
  • You can shop for chicken coops for 6 chickens online, contact local vendors, or build your own DIY chicken coop for a flock of 6 hens
  • The cost of chicken coops for 6 chickens ranges from less than $300 to thousands of dollars: set a budget for your search before you start

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